Artists For Sudan - "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

  • Label: A4A Records/Warner Music Canada
  • Release Date: August 9, 2019
  • Format: Digital
  • Genre: Rock

Musician (Keys, Background Vocals), Engineer.

ARTISTS FOR SUDAN PROJECT - “‘Sunday Bloody Sunday,’ reimagined by some of our greatest Canadian artists, is a protest song for the people in a country that cannot protest for themselves to the wider world. Our hope is that as a tool of advocacy it helps to finish bending the arc of history of Sudan towards the light.” - Darcy Ataman

Produced by Darcy Ataman and David Bottrill

Featuring: Ian D’Sa and Ben Kowalewicz from Billy Talent, Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo, Cone McCaslin from Sum 41, Neil Sanderson and Matt Walst from Three Days Grace, Damhnait Doyle, Emmanuel Jal, Serena Ryder, Corey Hart, Ron Hawkins from The Lowest of The Low, Scott Anderson from Finger 11, Simon Ward from The Strumbellas, Amy Millan from Stars, Colin MacDonald and John Angus from The Trews, and Ewan Currie from The Sheepdogs.

All proceeds raised by the song will be donated to Human Rights Watch.